What is an E-Commerce?

An e-commerce is a website that markets services and goods between producer and consumer via the internet. It is a real online store, open 24 hours a day, equipped with a real product warehouse, electronic payment methods, shipping and order management. It is a modern sales solution, as more and more customers rely on the web and its convenience for everyday purchases. An e-commerce is for all those who sell products, so not only for those who have a physical store, but also for companies that want to increase their sales by working on an unlimited channel such as the web. It is certainly one of the most effective ways to make your products known by expanding your market throughout Italy and abroad!

An online store improves the corporate image and can reduce time and costs by offering a quick and safe service for your customers who will no longer have to travel to reach you whenever they are interested in your catalog. Now they can do it anywhere, in a simple click!

It is good to specify that this is only the tip of the iceberg! Putting an e-commerce online does not mean selling immediately. When embarking on the e-commerce route, it is a good idea to study a promotional and SEO marketing strategy. In short, opening an online e-commerce requires the same commitment and perseverance as a physical store!

How much can an E-Commerce site cost?

Unlike a showcase site, an e-commerce is in fact a complex portal. It is not simply a showcase but a real online sales management system, with a private and administrative user panel. On the technical side, open source or proprietary solutions can be used, consequently distorting the implementation costs as well. Once the installation and configuration of the sales engine has been completed, we move from the graphic aspect (which can be based on an existing template or created to measure) to the manual entry of individual products, prices and price lists. Depending on the type of solution, additional modules and customizations, prices range from € 3,000 up to € 10,000. Some solutions, however, can even exceed € 25,000! In these cases, these are complex multi-store sales systems, which integrate a direct connection to the company management system and / or to a multi-warehouse that needs to be updated in real time.

What are the production times?

Production times vary, depending on the complexity of the store you want to put online. It takes 25 to 55 days to create a template-based e-commerce site. However, these times may expand if the initial contents are to be the result of an analysis by the web agency itself. On the contrary, if the Customer is already in possession of the material and an updated product list, the timing can be significantly shortened. On the other hand, things can change (and a lot) if we talk about products made and managed ad hoc, that is all those e-commerce creations that are fully tailored. It starts from the actual project to the creation of a graphic demo of the finished site which, following approval, must be written completely in code. Development times can even exceed 5 months!

How much does it cost to maintain an E-Commerce site?

In general, maintaining a showcase site on the net is not expensive at all, it involves overheads such as the Domain and the Hosting space. The latter must be commensurate with the monthly traffic generated and the amount of data from which the site is composed.