Which and how many types of mobile apps?

Short for the term application, the term app is a word that refers to when talking about software for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and PDAs. At a technical level, there are two well-defined types of apps: native and web. But what differentiates them? Native apps are software developed specifically for a certain operating system. They are built using a programming language suitable for the type of environment (Android, Apple and Windows Mobile). Web apps, on the other hand, are a sort of link to an application that is not physically installed on your device, but made accessible via a browser. A striking example is a magazine or newsletter app that can also provide the user with real-time notifications on new articles.

What are the production times?

Implementation times are variable, depending on the complexity of the software to be created and the customer’s requests. To create an app (Android / iOS) it takes from 30 to 90 days. These times can be shortened when it comes to basic realizations or web apps. On the other hand, things can change (and a lot) if we talk about products developed and managed ad hoc, or all those fully tailored native app development creations. It starts from the actual project to the setting up of a complete service. Development times can even exceed 8 months!

How much does it cost to maintain an App?

It depends! When it comes to a web app, there is usually no maintenance cost but if your application is native and managed by dedicated servers, you will have a renewal fee. It is good to remember that once your app has been accepted and verified on the stores, there will be no further costs from the stores in relation to future releases.