What is a showcase site?

A showcase website is a portal dedicated solely to the presentation of your company, its values, services and strengths. This is not a site for selling online but a real digital presentation. It usually consists of a few well-defined pages, such as a home page, a company presentation page, pages dedicated to the description of the services offered and a contact form accompanied by your company references.
Your showcase website must be structured in the best possible way, capturing the interest of your next customer and optimized to best position your business in search engines, thus making it easier to see, standing out from that of the competition.

How much does it cost?

It is a question with a thousand answers. The network is actually filled with the most disparate web agencies, which offer projects starting from € 5-600 and business solutions reaching over € 6,000. But where is the truth? In the middle, as always. A single showcase site can be equipped with numerous additional features, such as a reserved area for downloads, user access, interactive and multimedia areas that in fact turn it into a real mini web portal. Costs also vary from sector to sector, a showcase site designed for a hotel, for example, will require additional modules dedicated to the online booking of the rooms and perhaps even a management connection able to check the availability of the same in real time while the A plumber’s showcase site will simply need a contact form for quick service requests. Generally it is never easy to estimate the cost of a showcase website without first having performed a detailed analysis of the reality that is going to be presented on the web.

What are the production times?

The realization times are variable, depending on the complexity of the project and the showcase that you want to put online. To create a template-based showcase site it takes 10 to 35 days. These times may expand if the contents are the result of research by the web agency itself. On the contrary, if the Customer is already in possession of the material and contents of the website, the timing can be significantly shortened. On the other hand, things can change (and a lot) if we talk about products made and managed ad hoc, that is all those creations made totally tailor-made according to the Customer’s requests as the development is carried out in several steps. It starts from the actual project to the creation of a graphic demo of the finished site which, following an approval, must be written completely in code. Consequently, development times can be extended up to 2 months!

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

In general, maintaining a showcase site on the net is not expensive at all, it involves overheads such as the Domain and the Hosting space. The latter must be commensurate with the monthly traffic generated and the amount of data from which the site is composed.